On 6 November R&D Nester will participate as speaker in the 25th webinar of the ISGAN Academy.

This event is organized by INTERPRETER, in partnership with FlexPlan and CoordiNet projects, all funded by the EU H2020 Research and Innovation program.

The objective of the ISGAN Academy is to offer the ISGAN community of high-level engineers, decision makers, students and public in general a means of rational and efficient continuous technical skills complement and updates in the field of smart grids. The Academy presents updated information about new emerging topics and challenges, recent developments, best practices, novel methodologies, smart grids theory, applications, deployments and events of ISGAN activities.

This R&D Nester presentation is produced in the scope of R&D Nester participation in INTERPRETER Project, whose main objective is the implementation of a modular grid management solution consisting of a set of 10 software applications for an optimal design, planning, operation and maintenance of the electricity grid - with a special focus on the distribution network - that will be offered to grid operators through an open-source interoperable platform.

This webinar presentation is entitled "Interpreter - Flexibility needs at system level and how RD&I projects are leveraging these solutions" and will provide an introduction to flexibility solutions, which can be used to increase efficiency in power systems. These solutions are demonstrated using the examples of the INTERPRETER project and will be followed by another presentation of "FlexPlan" and "CoordiNet" projects . R&D Nester is also involved in the FlexPlan project.  


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