The IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition presents an unmatched opportunity for energy professionals to reconnect and explore a range of ideas driving change in the industry. This event has a comprehensive technical program backed by IEEE's esteemed standards, combined with the widest display of innovative T&D solutions. This immersive experience enables the power community to move forward with the shared purpose of delivering a reliable and resilient energy grid to individuals, businesses, and communities around the globe. 

R&D Nester was represented this year in this biannual event that was held from 25 - 28 April, sponsored by the IEEE Power & Energy Society.

Entergy New Orleans was the Host Utility for this year conference that took place in hybrid format (live in New Orleans and online).

R&D Nester was co-author in a poster presented in this event, entitled "Crease cross-border capacity to reduce market splitting of day-ahead electricity markets - A dynamic line rating approach".

This Poster was produced in partnership with LNEG who presented it at the event. This publication was produced in the scope of OptiGRID project developed in partnership between R&D Nester and LNEG, with a duration of 48 months, starting in 2018 and ending this year by September.

This project OptiGRID "Methodology for Analysis of Dynamic Line Capacity and Optimized Management of Electric Grids" main objectives are the development of an operational tool and a methodology using Dynamic Line Rating increasing the transmission capacity to facilitate an increase of RES integration in the power system and to reduce the number of separation hours of markets, affecting its prices.


The project is financed by the P2020 program.

Disclaimer and financing programme/entity: Project PTDC/EEI-EEE/31711/2017 submitted under the call for tenders (AAC) No. 02 / SAICT / 2017, funded by national funds through the budget of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).


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OptiGrid Project webside

OptiGRID @ R&D Nester website

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