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- The project OptiGRID - Methodology for Dynamic Line Capacity Analysis and Optimized Management of Electric Grids (PTDC/EEI-EEE/31711/2017), aims at the development of an operational tool and an integrated methodology for the analysis of Dynamic Limits of Power Lines (DLR), with the objective of increasing transport capacity, facilitating an increase in the integration of renewable energies in the electricity sector, and reducing the number of hours with market separation, influencing the electricity market prices on the Iberian scale. Thus, the additional capacity of the airlines, resulting from the use of this methodology, could alleviate potential congestion problems that are particularly relevant in power generation systems with high levels of penetration of renewable generation in time, as in the case of Portugal.

 · Participants : LNEG - Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia I.P. (coordinator) and R&D Nester (partner)

 · Financial entities: FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology