R&D Nester is a research and development centre created by REN jointly with State Grid Corporation of China to promote and implement the execution of research and development in the fields of power systems simulation, renewable energies management, smart grid technologies and energy & market economy. Through the R&D Nester Portal  www.rdnester.pt  (“Portal”) shall be admissible to any interested party (“User”) to access a platform specifically designed to submit projects and ideas (“Projects”) technology-driven. By using R&D Nester Portal and/or by submitting your projects through the created feature for that purpose, the User agrees and accepts the following Terms. If the User disagrees, partially or fully with the set out Terms and Conditions, please exit the Portal and refrain yourself from its use. The user obliges to use the Website accordingly with the law and the set out Terms and Conditions. It is strictly prohibited the use of the services and functionalities of this portal for illicit behaviour, either civil, criminal or other, or any rights’ infringement, otherwise, the User could be criminal punished and/or civilly liable in accordance with the laws in force.


The User declares and warrants that he holds and remain the holder of all required licenses, rights, consents and permissions to upload and share his Project, and also to proceed to its use and economic exploitation in an appropriate manner. The User agrees and states to not submit any Projects containing material whose possession is unlawful under the applicable law, or that is under unlawful ownership and/or that from sharing it with third parties as well as its use and economic exploitation would result in a law’s infringement. The user accepts and states that the Project(s) to be submitted do not contain any material protected by copyright of third parties, or material subject to other rights of third parties (including rights of privacy or publicity), unless a formal license or permission from the legitimate owner is acquired, or if the User is otherwise legally authorized to provide the material in question for those purposes. It is the User’s exclusive the duty to ensure the protection of intellectual property of the Projects submitted on the platform.


R&D Nester ensures the confidentiality of the submitted Projects through the Portal, committing to take all the necessary measures, including security measures, to protect, preserve and ensure the confidentiality of the information provided by Users and also of the information to which has access within the feature of submission of Projects and ideas. This obligation of confidentiality will not apply to the information (i) made available to the audience by other means that not the violation of the present confidentiality obligation; (ii) revealed by order of an administrative or court decision. R&D Nester is allowed to perform the automatic processing of personal data of Users under applicable law ensuring the protection of personal data (identification data, among others), committing to adopt the appropriate technical and administrative measures to the protection of personal data, and not to disclose information concerning Users’ personal data to third parties or about website access either, unless required by law. Under the Portuguese Law of Personal Data Protection, it is ensured to the owner of the data the right of access, update, correction or deletion of personal data at any moment as well as the right of opposition to the use of provided data for marketing, to send informational communications or for inclusion at lists or information services, being necessary, for those purposes, if it was not already done when collecting data, please send a written request to the following address, Av. Cidade de Goa, 4-B, 2685-038 Sacavém or send that same request through e-mail info@rdnester.com.On the Internet, the flow of information is made via open networks. As such, your personal data and information may circulate on the network without security, at the risk of being seen and used by unauthorized third parties.


The Portal may contain some links for other sites or web pages. R&D Nester does not control those websites and shall not be responsible for the quality or veracity of content, information, and privacy policies reproduced on Internet domains to which hypertext links, also known as hyperlinks or links, may lead the User trough. If the activity or information that lead third parties through the Portal are illegal or injure the property or rights of a third party, please notify us so we can remove the link pursuant to the Law on Electronic Commerce. R&D Nester provides such information only as a convenience and the inclusion of any link does not imply a connection or association between R&D Nester and the people accountable for these links.


This Portal is under the exclusive property of R&D Nester. All images, texts, slogans, designs, maps, drawings, brands, logotypes, names and denominations as well as all the integrated works at the Portal are protected under the Copyright Code and Related Rights, and under the Industrial Property Code. Therefore, the items listed are property of R&D Nester and of third parties that allow R&D Nester to use them. In any case will the access to this Portal imply the assignment, transmission or any other type of waiver, partially or fully, of Intellectual or Industrial Property Rights. Unless ascertained by law all usage to serve advertising and / or commercial purposes is excluded. With the exception of private use and merely visualization of the Portal, all appropriation, printing, reproduction, representation, usage or modification, for any purpose and by any means, from anywhere in the Portal, of all or part of the contents that compose it, without prior authorization from R&D Nester, is strictly prohibited and is a criminal offense, without prejudice to the liability emerging of such infringement.


R&D Nester cannot guarantee that this Portal is available at any moment. Therefore, R&D Nester will not be responsible for incidental or direct damage resulting from the Portal’s use, and will not guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements. R&D Nester expressly disclaims any obligation or liability arising from any loss, damage or costs incurred, by any person, resulting from trust deposited on the information contained, delivered and/or subsequently used in this Portal, that not limited to, any failure, error, inaccuracy, omission or imperfection. Under no circumstances must R&D Nester be liable for any damage caused, incidental or consequentially, aggravated, punitive or incidental damages, as a result from the use of the Portal or, specifically, arising from the use of the Projects submission platform.


R&D Nester reserves the right to adjust or amend the Terms and Conditions at any time; these changes will be duly published in the Portal.


The associations to be established between the User and R&D Nester and everything related to this Portal shall be regulated by the Portuguese Law, being the Courts of Lisbon exclusively competent to resolve any issues or disputes arising.

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