BD4NRG PROJECT [Jan/2021 – Dec/2023]

The need of increasing levels of information to operate the power systems is unveiling an enormous opportunity for energy stakeholders to leverage on big data & AI technologies to improve decision making.

In that respect the project BD4NRG that involves 35 partners from 12 countries will in short:

  • Deliver a reference architecture to enable B2B multi-party data exchange, while providing full interoperability of leading-edge big data technologies with smart grid standards and operational frameworks;
  • Deliver a TRL8 open modular big data analytic toolbox (data, computing resources, models, algorithms);
  • Deliver predictive and prescriptive edge AI-based big data analytics on 13 large scale pilots, deployed by different energy stakeholders (e.g. TSOs and DSOs, aggregators, local energy communities, ESCOs, etc), covering the energy value chain

R&D Nester together with REN (Portuguese TSO) will develop proof-of-concept solutions to support two assets that are critical for the performance of the power systems:

  • Condition-based maintenance of circuit breakers taking into account different operational conditions

  • Generate a semi-automatic maintenance plan for overhead lines from inspection data

Project website:

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 872613.

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