Energy Storage Planning PROJECT [Jan/2013 - Apr/2016]

The transition towards a decarbonized energy system is underway, by boosting renewable energy sources. However, the new energy paradigm brings a set of demanding challenges to the power system operators, as a result of the increasing integration of variable renewable energy sources, as well as the rise of the smart grid concept. Energy Storage is seen as an inevitable strategy to cope with larger variability and intermittency of supply, by providing services to the system.

The main goal of this project is to develop a Multi-attribute Energy Storage Planning methodology for transmission networks. This methodology aims to identify the preferred network planning alternatives including energy storage, in the TSO perspective. Allied to this methodology the project aims to develop network and market analysis tools in order to simulate various scenarios and optimize the planning solutions, offering a solid base to their fundamentals.

The project also intends to fill existing gaps in the current literature in the planning of energy storage, as well as to suggest some adaptations to current legislation in order to allow the integration of energy storage in a broader way, thus allowing the identification of new business opportunities, especially for TSOs. It is also intended to make a characterization of the Portuguese transport network and to address the particular case of Portugal and its integration into MIBEL energy market, as well as the scenarios foreseen in the development plan of the national transport network in terms of its infrastructures and defined goals, in order to delineate the existing potential in the scope of energy storage.

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