ENERSHARE PROJECT (Jul/2022 - Jun/2025)

Funded by the Horizon Europe program, the ENERSHARE project is formed by a consortium of 29 partners from around the European Union. 

The overall vision of ENERSHARE is to develop and demonstrate a European Common Energy Data Space which will deploy an ‘intra-energy' and ‘cross-sector' interoperable and trusted Energy Data Ecosystem Private for consumers, businesses (energy and non-energy) stakeholders and regulated operators that will be able to access, share and reuse data, based upon voluntary agreements or legal obligations where such obligations are in force, including: (a) Large sources of currently fragmented and dispersed data; (b) Data-driven cross-value chain (energy and non-energy) services and Digital Twins for various purposes. 

ENERSHARE will leverage on, incorporate and adapt to the energy sector the Data Commons systems paradigm (i.e. Data Spaces, Data Pools), which co-locate data, storage and computing infrastructures with commonly used services and tools for analysing and sharing data to create an interoperable resource. 

The project will be demonstrated along 7 pilots in 7 countries and 11 intra-electricity, intra-energy and beyond-energy use cases.

The participation of R&D Nester is mostly related with:

  • Leading WP7 for the development of the Governance and Business Models for the Energy Data Space;
  • Leading task 9.2 for the management of the demonstration of the electricity-related pilots from Spain (Pilot 1), Portugal (Pilot 2), Italy (Pilot 5) and Finland (Pilot 6)
  • Leading the first Use-Case of Portuguese Pilot, for the demonstration of the value of data-sharing in the Energy Data Space aligned with the vision of Transmission System Operators, namely by taking advantage of the Portuguese demo site of "Living Lab" from the Smart Energy Lab (PT), and the respective availability of behind-the-meter data from end-users.

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