GREENPORT PROJECT (Nov/2021 - Dec/2023)

The main goal of the project is to research in the scope of the electrification of ships in the Ports and all technical aspects that this operation involves. The study involves the load operation characteristics of multiple scenarios and multiple types of ships considering the satisfaction of charging demand as well as the development of a shore power pile energy router topology and its control strategy for new energy access to port shore power.

The project aims to research the centralized monitoring, data sharing and interactive services of port-shore circuits and propose a software platform design for coordinated and stable operation of multi-energy energy supply. It is also aimed to study the main influencing factors of port shore-to-power operating costs based on the analysis of the difference between China-Europe port's shore-to-shore power operating modes and to study green Port shore power operation economic benefit evaluation method and multi-objective comprehensive evaluation index system.

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