Grid4Energy PROJECT (Oct/2023 - Jun/2024)

Grid4Energy project aims to develop a more in-depth knowledge of the reception capacity available in the Portuguese transmission network (RNT), particularly for the reception of new generation based on renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar, taking into account the capacities already allocated in recent auctions. 

The project aims to analyse the current state and the evolution of the development of the RNT, as well as the licenses already allocated to new renewable generation, taking into account the criteria and scenarios which are considered by the transmission network operator in its most recent Development and Investment Plan for the Electricity Transmission Network (PDIRT-e), in the Security of Supply Monitoring Report (RMSA) and in the National Energy and Climate Plan (PNEC) exploring the potential connection capacity available for new connections for the 2025 horizon.

This study will be carried out taking into account the expected evolution of the RNT, always taking into consideration the most recent PDIRT-e, RMSA and PNEC, as well as other information made public by the Portuguese government. Starting from a model developed for RNT 2025, a study will be carried out on the evolution of RNT for the 2030 horizon, based on the scenarios defined in the PDIRT, RMSA and PNEC and analysis of future opportunities for RNT reception capacity.

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