Integrated Energy Systems PROJECT [Jan/2020 - Nov/2022]

The objective of this project is to research the technologies for comprehensive energy system considering cross-border interactions. It will be carried out at four levels: the system modeling and security analysis, the planning and collaborative operation, the dispatching and market transactions, the establishing and application verification of the control prototype system, respectively.

In this prototype system, three scenarios are chosen to carry out the research of novel cross-border energy system which mainly includes power, natural gas, heat (cold). The first scenario is the distributed energy network of "Altay-Khovd" between China and Mongolia, which includes the wind, solar, storage and heat energy. The second scenario is the power-gas combined network of "Portugal-Spain" and the third is the distributed energy system of "UAE-Oman" which includes solar, refrigeration and desalination.

This project is "the Belt and Road" international cooperation project supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

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