ISSWINDemo Project [Mar/2016 - Mar/2018]

The ISSWINDemo demonstration project exploits the satellite remote sensing system and the global satellite navigation system to developing the following supporting services for the wind power industry:

  • Service 1. Wind resource maps
  • Service 2. Wind and wave hindcast databases
  • Service 3. Weather and ocean forecasting
  • Service 4. Wind power forecasting

The services effectively address the specific needs of the different actors across the wind energy industry value chain. The target users in the 7 pilot-projects include promotors of onshore/offshore wind parks, construction and maintenance companies, the wind park operators, energy traders and system operators (SOs).

The technological innovation underlying these services is the integrated assimilation of data from satellites and from the Numerical Weather Prediciton (NWP), with application to the assessment of the long-term energy yield and to the weather and power forecasting to support decision-making.

This project is funded by ESA - European Space Agency.

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