Power system simulation PROJECT [Jan/2013 - Dec/2016]

This project aims to respond to two infrastructural needs: one is the need for real time power system digital simulator and the other is the need for advanced grid monitoring and control capabilities useful for planning and operation of power grids with high penetration of renewables.

With the accomplishment of this project, the following benefits, amid others, can be expected:

• Power system transient studies - precise modelling of transient phenomena and fast interactions among switching devices and power electronic devices

• Real time simulation of large power systems with prototypes or actual control and protective devices connected in-the-loop

• Testing simultaneously the behavior of protection and automation systems during several power system conditions and, the behavior of the substation communication systems in order to assess not only the protection devices behavior but also the other elements in face of different traffic conditions

• Product prototype developing, type testing and conformance testing

• Model verification using field data and event records

• Renewables integration increase through better cooperation between TSO and DSO

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