PRR – Next Generation Storage PROJECT (Nov/2022 - Dec/2025)

The NGS project will contribute to enhance the battery sector in Portugal by improving the Portuguese skills in 5 pillars:

I. Valorisation and advanced refining

II. Cell modules and components

III. Battery pack assembly

IV. Integration and applications

V. Recycling and battery second life

R&D Nester main contribution is within the pillar IV. Integration and applications, namely by addressing the system and market integration of distributed storage within the Business Project "Optimized distributed storage for energy communities". This Business Project aims at achieving the following specific objectives:

1. Development and validation under real world conditions of the integration of decentralised batteries in Energy Communities and, furthermore, in the national energy system and markets;

2. Management of the distributed energy storage by a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Management Platform;

3. Strengthen the partners' positions in the Energy Storage and Communities sectors, not only in the Portuguese market, where they already occupy a differentiated position, but in other markets, such as Spain, England, USA and Brazil.

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