RESUCIDEMO PROJECT [Jan/2021 – Sep/2022]

Building on the RESUCI project, the RESUCIDEMO deploys pilot project to demonstrate the application of the RESUCI satellite-based services for supporting resilient and sustainable critical infrastructures.

Since the beginning of the RESUCI project, REN - the Portuguese system operator for electricity and gas, is a stakeholder and provides inputs for service development.

The pilots will leverage the engagement of REN and the ICNF to demonstrate the application in their infrastructures and the delivery through integration with the end-users' systems of the following services:

  • Service 1 - Right of Way monitoring for obstacles and activity detection: This service provides remote regular updated characterization of the land use in the right-of-way for risk assessment. It supports the energy expert system for critical infrastructure risk categorization.
  • Service 2 - Field maintenance operations management and control: This service provides remote and automatic control of fuel management activities with visual evidence. It supports the energy expert system for planning and control of fuel management operations.

This project is co-funded by ESA - European space agency.

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