The ongoing developments and achievements on protection, automation and control (PAC) systems for transmission grids, namely on IEC 61850 based solutions, provide new opportunities for real implementations and deeper research.

Inspired by the results derived from the 'Substation of the Future' project, where a specification for a new generation of PAC systems was developed and tested, the SMART SUBSTATION TESTING AND IMPLEMENTATION project aims to further develop the functionalities and extend the testing portfolio for PAC systems. Whilst performing the corresponding proof of concept at the laboratory, for further demonstration purposes, a real implementation in a transmission grid shall be evaluated.

The technical specification and corresponding testing protocols, already developed, will thus be customized for the real installation, considering its specific characteristics and the TSO requirements. A set of KPI will be defined for the implemented functions, which will allow evaluating its performance and of the overall PAC system.

With this project, the TSO will be encouraged to gain confidence in the new solutions powered by the new standards and technologies, contributing to a more efficient and reliable power system.

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