SusCity PROJECT [Jan/2015 - Jun/208]

SusCity is a research and development project of a technological nature which the main scientific area of study covers the topic of sustainable cities. SusCity focuses on several structural aspects in the transition towards future cities such as information and communication technology, water and waste management, mobility and smart grids. Through collection and processing of massive amounts of urban data the project aims to develop new tools and services to promote an efficient use of urban resources with reduced environmental impacts.

The participation of R&D Nester in the SusCity project is focused on its smart grids' dimension. In particular, the work developed will result in: tools for assessing the impact in power system of an increased penetration of distributed energy resources (photovoltaics; electric vehicles and controllable loads) in more sustainable cities; new electricity market models to facilitate the participation of new agents (aggregators; flexible loads; renewable power plants), namely through bids of a stochastic nature.

SusCity is a project under the MIT Portugal Program, with project's reference MITP-TB/CS/0026/2013, funded by FCT Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, Ministério da Educação e Ciência and a large set of industrial partners.

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