In order to advance the deployment of intelligent and innovative energy services, the SYNERGY project established an innovative and scalable reference architecture and implementation for a Big Energy Data Platform and AI Analytics Marketplace, accompanied by big data-enabled domain specific applications for the totality of electricity value chain stakeholders (altogether comprising the SYNERGY Big Data-driven Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) Framework).

INTERCAST is a response to an Open Call from the SYNERGY project and it aims to provide a technical solution for the forecast of short term (24h timeframe) energy flows in interfaces along the electricity delivery chain. This is particularly relevant for the substations that form the interfaces between TSO, DSO and Consumers.

The increasing amount of RES generation and active consumers and prosumers connected in distribution networks can have major impacts on energy flows at different levels (TSO, DSO and Consumer), resulting in possible reverse flows.

In this context, operational planning departments need to have adequate and accurate tools that allow to predict not only load at system level, but also at nodal level, including the forecast of reverse flows. INTERCAST project aims to develop such a tool and validate it with operational data, both from SYNERGY project and also using own datasets. This solution encompasses the full value chain, from TSO to consumer side.

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