European project FLEXITRANSTORE is organizing a final workshop (virtual) next May 5th to present the projects' achievements and results.

The FLEXITRANSTORE project is funded through the European Research and Innovation Program H2020 in which R&D NESTER participates.

The event is free of charge and requires registration.

For the registration, you can use the following link:

FLEXITRANSTORE ("An Integrated Platform for Increased FLEXIbility in smart TRANSmission grids with STORage Entities and large penetration of Renewable Energy Sources") is an EU-funded project under HORIZON 2020 framework, (Grant Agreement) number 774407, starting from 1/11/2017 and lasting until 30/04/2022. The project will develop a next generation power system flexibility assessment platform, ‘sheltering' applicable simulation tools and innovative pilot projects that are all targeting to assess and improve the flexibility resources of the pan-European transmission system.

The consortium consists of 30 partners, including TSOs, DSOs, NRAs, market operators, service providers, manufacturers and the pilot projects will be deployed in eight Demonstrations which will take place in five countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Slovenia and Spain). The demonstrations can be classified in three different layers depending on their respective field of implementation.

  • Layer 1 - flexibility at transmission connection points: production and demand (CCGT power plants, renewables, energy storage, demand-side management, power system stabilizer
  • Layer 2 - increasing cross-border capacity and clean energy flows (dynamic line rating and power flow control)
  • Layer 3 - flexibility entering the market (wholesale market for flexibility).

FLEXITRANSTORE focuses on illustrating technology and market innovations for clean energy transition, while serving real needs and existing challenges in their respective regional installations.

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Link for project FLEXITRANSTORE website

FLEXITRANSTORE Project @ R&D Nester website site

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