The high penetration of renewable sources in transmission grids may have a negative impact on the performance of protection systems for these infrastructures, as these protections have been designed for grids supplied by conventional power stations, where synchronous generators are used. However, renewable sources use generators with interfaces based on power electronics, which characteristics differ from those of synchronous generators. This is the core of Prot4HiRES, the R&D Nester project that aims to identify the potential problems resulting from the introduction of renewable sources on the protection functions and, using laboratory simulation, determine what changes are necessary to the current philosophies of parameterization and coordination of those functions. The final result will be a detailed specification for protection systems for transmission grids with a high penetration of renewable sources.

This project is developed by R&D Nester in cooperation with China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI).

As a result of this work, R&D Nester Team produced a poster that share the content produced in the Paper titled "Methodology For The Assessment Of The Behavior Of Protection Functions In Transmission Grids With High Penetration Of Renewable Sources".

This paper presents an assessment of the potential impact of the high penetration of renewable energy sources (RES) on the protection functions for transmission lines. The performed analysis was done on a simulation model of part of a transmission grid with wind farms (WFs) connected to various substations. A dynamic model was used for the wind generators, including fault-ride-though capability and reactive power contribution during faults.

R&D Nester presented this paper in the last edition of DPSP conference.

DPSP - Developments in Power System Protection International Conference is already in its 17th edition. This year edition was held in Manchester, UK, last month of March.

This is one of the only conferences dedicated to power system protection. It features leading voices in the sector, peer-reviewed technical presentations, a tutorial on protecting the evolving grid, networking opportunities and technical visit to the High Voltage Lab and Real-Time Digital Simulator facilities.

For more information:

DPSP 2024 conference website

Prot4HiRES Project @ R&D Nester website

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