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"We are a global and independent R&D Center, with strategic thinking and a Multicultural DNA, innovating for a smart, clean, efficient and sustainable energy system."

The R&D Center's works shall be pursued through three interdependent acting vectors:

• Research, development, innovation and demonstration in the power transmission area;

• Consulting services in the scope of R&D activities;

• Education and training services.


RESUCIDEMO PROJECT [Jan/2021 – Sep/2022]

Demonstration of the RESUCI satellite-based services to support resilient and sustainable critical Infrastructures

BD4NRG PROJECT [Jan/2021 – Dec/2023]

Big Data for Next Generation Energy

I-NERGY PROJECT [Jan/2021 – Dec/2023]

Artificial Intelligence for Next Generation Energy

MarCo PROJECT [Nov/2020 - Jul/2022]

Research on the Key Technologies of the European Electricity Market Coupling

OneNET PROJECT [Dec/2020 - Nov/2023]

TSO - DSO - Consumer: Large-scale demonstration of innovative grid services

Renewable Energy Dispatch Tools PROJECT [Jul/2013 - Dec/2016]

Renewable Energy Dispatch Tools

Substation of the Future PROJECT [Jan/2013 - Dec/2016]

Substation of the Future

Energy Storage Planning PROJECT [Jan/2013 - Apr/2016]

Multi-Attribute Energy Storage Planning

Power system simulation PROJECT [Jan/2013 - Dec/2016]

Power System Simulation

ISSWINDemo Project [Mar/2016 - Mar/2018]

Integrated supporting services for the wind power industry

SusCity PROJECT [Jan/2015 - Jun/208]

Urban data driven models for creative and resourceful urban transitions


Integration of renewable energy sources in the electricity grid


Building the Smart Substation of the Future

BIGDATAOCEAN PROJECT [Jan/2017 - Dec/2019]

Exploiting oceans of data for maritime applications

SMARTNET PROJECT [Jan/2016 - Dec/2016]

Improving the coordination between Transmission and Distribution Grids

Global Energy Interconnection PROJECT [Jan/2017 - Dec/2017]

Study of the energy interconnections in the Mediterranean region

TDX-ASSIST PROJECT [Oct/2017 - Oct/2020]

Coordination of Transmission and Distribution data eXchanges for renewables integration in the European marketplace through Advanced, Scalable and Secure ICT Systems and Tools


FLEXITRANSTORE (An Integrated Platform for Increased FLEXIbility in smart TRANSmission grids with STORage Entities and large penetration of Renewable Energy Sources) aims to contribute to the evolution towards a pan-European transmission network with high flexibility and high interconnection levels.

ARCWIND PROJECT [Nov/2017 - Apr/2022]

ARCWIND (Adaptation and implementation of floating wind energy conversion technology for the Atlantic region) aims to contribute to the transaction from fixed to floating wind platform systems for use in deep water and more exposed sites in the Atlantic Area by: the assessment of wind energy potential with a regional atmospheric model and remote sensed data; the study of different types of floating high power wind turbines numerically and experimentally; case studies of farms will be considered for cost assessment, logistics and maintenance planning as well as risk assessment.

RESFOR PROJECT [Oct/2017 - Aug/2019]

Renewable Energy Power Forecasting Model Research and Prediction Results Analysis

GRID4RES PROJECT [Oct/2017 - Aug/2019]

Stability Study on Grids with High Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources

SIMMRES PROJECT [Oct/2017 - Aug/2019]

Study on the impact of market mechanism to renewables consumption

OSMOSE PROJECT [Jan/2018 - Apr/2022]

OSMOSE - Optimal System-Mix of Flexibility Solutions for European Electricity

OPTIGRID PROJECT [Oct/2018 - Sep/2022]

OPTIGRID – Methodology for the Dynamic Line Rating Analysis and Optimal Management of Power Networks

RESUCI PROJECT [Nov/2018 - Aug/2019]

RESUCI – Space-based services to support REsilient and SUstainable Critical Infrastructures

GIFT PROJECT [Jan/2019 - Dec/2022]

GIFT – Geographical Islands Flexibility

INTERRFACE PROJECT [Jan/2019 - Dec/2022]

INTERRFACE - "TSO-DSO Consumer INTERFACE aRchitecture to provide innovative grid services for an efficient power system"

FleXunity PROJECT [Oct/2019 - May/2022]

FleXunity – Scaling-up Power Flexible Communities business models empowered by Blockchain and AI

FlexPlan PROJECT [Oct/2019 - Mar/2023]

FlexPlan - Advanced methodology and tools taking advantage of storage and FLEXibility in transmission and distribution grid PLANning

INTERPRETER PROJECT [Oct/2019 - Oct/2022]

INTERPRETER - Interoperable tools for an efficient management and effective planning of the electricity grid.

UltraFOR PROJECT [Jan/2020 - Oct/2021]

Improve the very short-term forecast for solar PV

WindForecasting PROJECT [Jan/2020 - Oct/2022]

Improve the short-term forecast for wind power using multi-source data

HighSpeedCarrier PROJECT [Jan/2020 - Oct/2021]

Testing and Validation of MF High Speed Carrier Communication Standard Technology for Energy Internet (PLC)

IntegratedEnergySystems PROJECT [Jan/2020 - Nov/2022]

Novel Integrated Energy System considering Cross-border Interconnection

Press release

June 05, 2023
President of CEPRI visits R&D Nester
May 05, 2023
Interconnection Capacity Calculation Methodologies for the European Electricity Market - R&D Nester presents in ICPST 2023
May 03, 2023
R&D NESTER is the partner selected by OPAL-RT to showcase its most recent Success Story with the title “HIL Simulation for the Substations of the Future”.
April 28, 2023
“Customer engagement in flexibility markets: a Portuguese perspective”: workshop in the scope of European project ONENET
March 06, 2023
January 17, 2023
Student co-supervised by R&D NESTER presents master's thesis on losses in the transmission of natural gas and hydrogen
December 22, 2022
R&D NESTER contributes in the definition of guidelines for the Coupling of Heating&Cooling and Electricity Sectors for Europe
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